I have even played at being a hero. But I could not bear how foolish I felt every time I spared someone who was determined to kill me.

Damn, bad karma’s a bitch.


Wanda Maximoff in All-New X-Factor #14

"…i see you." (avengers assemble 024)

You punch people until they either surrender or go unconscious.


raven darkholme | MYSTIQUE | 116 / ∞ (marvel) flower series 

apple: ‘temptation, deceitful charms, remembrance’ | lichen: ‘solitude, relationships’ | lavender: ‘distrust, strengthen my love, luck’ | marigold: ‘cruelty, grief’"—


Read my file. I’m an ex-agent of s.h.i.e.l.d. I’m an ex-agent of hydra. Sweating me out isn’t going to work. I’ve been to this dance. The dance i’ve been to would give you nightmares.